Okay I lied

A few more posts. I’ve literally made no progress on printing these posts off and deleting this blog. Not because I’m stalling, but because I have no extra fucking energy besides what gets me to work and back, makes my lunch and dinner (and coffee breakfast), and remembers to take my meds in the AM and PM. And I’m moving in a few months, and I did interview and end up getting that dream job and am now just tying loose ends and finishing paperwork at my current one. I’m so fucking exhausted all the time.

But I’m too lazy to walk and write on my hardback journal, and I’m too tired to quit this blog, so I’m back. For now.

So I have a therapy appt. tonight to discuss the childhood sex abuse. I’ve taken one Claritin and 3 Advils and have a 16 oz. of Rockstar beside me now. I got a tattoo last weekend of moon phases with a moonflower at the full one. It’s a long story, but captures the abuse perfectly. So I guess I lied again, because I swore I’d never put a moonflower beneath my skin, but healing comes in all strange ways. So, therapy. I should leave now.

We’ll be okay.