Doctor’s Appointment

So, over winter break, I went back and forth with whether I should schedule a doctor’s appointment or a tattoo.

As of January 1, 2019, I intend to not do any sort of clothes shopping until January 1, 2020. With that plan came a to-do list I’ve been putting off for a while. I signed up and paid for my first half marathon race that will be at the end of April and now kind of need to get my health in order before that point.

I did actually schedule a tattoo for this last Saturday, then canceled the day before. After waking up this morning with more awful cramps, I made a list of all my symptoms, how long I’ve had them, what foods I can/can’t eat and the reactions, and the intensity of my PMS symptoms.

I will be calling my primary doctor tomorrow (Monday) to schedule a doctor’s appointment to finally address my gastro issues. I will also be calling local counseling offices to finally find a psycho counselor.

I’m worried that pursuing the cause of all my stomach issues will just be another long chase like the depression diagnosis was. But, I need to go and just do it.


Old email – February 10, 2010

SHOCKINGLY, I found this on my email account that I had sent to my old (now deleted) email account back in the last months before I graduated high school. I was actually digging through my email for an email about my password for the Red Cross because God forbid I remember any of my passwords ever.

Fun stuff, I mention my first queer love but use male pronouns which sounds weird now to read the memories then see the ending words, “in his arms,” like I was still afraid someone might read this and use it as evidence of my gayyynessss.

feb 18, 2010