November 15, 2017

We’re on the upswing, folks. My memory skills are back!

Do I apply for a second job now (housekeeping’s the only option), or wait until January? Probably wait until January, where there’s no immediate holidays for a while.

Do I follow through with the anxiety therapy? Only if the office lady tells me my insurance will cover it, otherwise, def. do the second job instead to prepare for THE MOVE.

And THE MOVE…Am I decided on BloNo or am I still up in the air? I think I’m still up in the air with which major city in IL I will be moving to, which is shitty because I feel like both N and Liz are banking on me moving to BloNo. And it would be cool to work there, but not working a shitty teaching job I hate. If I were to move anywhere, it’s because I want the position offered, and the city I’ll deal with whatever I get, like always.

Guys, I feel happy and positive and hopeful again (normal again), and it feels sooooo good.